*sad destiel shipper voice*. Why would you do this, metatron? Why would you waste such a beautiful URL?

how dare you associate me with such filth

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do you think spn queerbaits?

a wee bit like there r  ppl that read into things way to much and then there are things that actually happen that are a wee bit fishy. i can see where ppl are coming from sometimes

what do you think about cas/hannah? personally i find it a bit annoying because they are siblings and the writers think its ok because one of them is a woman but they find wincest gross.. i don't understand why can't they just leave them alone or something this show is not about love..

I’m not even gonna lie I don’t even remember who Hannah is


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wincest is joy, wincest is light, wincest is what keeps me awake at night 

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Yo you tickled ma pickle bitch! And now I'm pregnant with yo bullshit I be looking at supernatural shit and I see dem fuckin!? I is a real fan and now I'm really nauseated Go fuck your self with a shotgun

all the young ppl on this site are so nice when i was young i  was evil

i literally love you. like, ok not literally but in a metaphorical sense. im not huge on either destiel or wincest but like, your blog just fucking tickles me. keep going u r the future u r the light that keeps this world going.

*points to kiwi* luv this kiwi

I frankly think it's rude to destiel shippers that you took this URL. You should give it up, but that's just my opinion. Some advice, stay with your ship. Don't mess with ours. The shippers won't fight if we just leave each other alone and RESPECT, the ships

shut up nerd