do you ever look at your url and think “i am so glad that i have this url. i deserve this url” 

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Hi. So I identify as pansexual but I'm not sure if that's the correct label for me. People always say that you're born with your sexuality, but only recently have I begun to like all genders. When I was younger gay couples used to make me uncomfortable but now I crave to be in a same sex relationship. You seem to know a lot about sexualities and genders so I was wondering if you've maybe heard of something like this?

hiya. everything about a person is fluid and prone to change like i used to think i was cis and asexual but now im polygender and pansexual. you grow. you change. idk if sexuality is something ur born w or not but theres nothing wrong with it changing bc everything changes :0 if youre comfortable with the label and thats how you feel rn then thats the label for u. it might change again one day doesnt mean that it was the wrong term or that it was a mistake. it just means things are different now and thats okay

I was wondering how old are you? You seem really educated on gender/sexuality kinds of things and I don't know any teenager know much about that sort of stuff. (I love you btw you're my fav blog)

i am 18 and a lot of teens actually are quite well informed! i learned most of what I kno from ppl that were around my age and younger. i’m a little jealous that they were able to start finding themselves so early :0 ! tumblrs a good place for this sort of stuff. when i was a young teen there wasn’t much info available on things like this unless u knew exactly what u were looking for (which is tough when stuff like gender isn’t really discussed - how are u supposed to know about things if no one ever talks about them? haha) but tumblrs good at educating younger folk and opening new doors etc (thank u anon !!! love u 2)

Sensible ppl: don’t drink fizzy drinks at night
Me @1am feat. Red bull: it’ll be fine

I just want to say I think your fucking great for taking the desire URL

dude i wish i had the desire url

will you marry me? because i'm in love with you. but i have to tell you that i ship destiel.

im already in gay with another ppl sorry anong

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I bet you secretly love destiel

did you take the destiel url just to piss us off

i didnt actually at first  but i can see why you would come to that conclusion


어젠가..모바일로 올리다가 장렬히 실패하여 다시 올려보는.

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